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Do you own an a 103E, or did you own one when they were a common sight on the roads of Britain? it'd be great to feature stories from people who have owned Pops at some time in their lives, either standard or rodded. What was it like, driving a sidevalve Ford every day with a single vacuum-operated windscreen wiper, no heating as standard, and the driving characteristics of a car from the pre-war days? perhaps you worked in a Ford agency, and serviced the 103E when it was still a new(ish) car, or wore a suit and sold the cars new to excited owners? whatever story you have about owning a 103E Popular, please please do get in touch.

David's chopped Pop!

To kick things off, a couple of photos belonging to David, a friend of mine who has been tinkering with old cars for quite some time. The first shows said person while still a youth, at the wheel of his 'modified' Ford Pop, along with his sister acting as co-pilot. Designed to be driven at full chat around a field, this Pop (nickname 'Chev') saw out it's days being driven mercilessly off-road until the old girl gave up altogether. The photo was taken circa 1971. Nowadays, David can be found restoring and selling vintage examples of wooden rocking horses, and has just brought out an epic book devoted to the subject. Visit his rocking horse website to find out about horses for sale, and read about his rocking horse book here.
A chopped Ford Pop
The second photo sent over by David shows him stood proudly with another 103E Pop, a 1954 example, sporting various modifications, not least a set of very wide wheels and a narrowed front bumper which he ran for a short time. After a while he drifted into the world of modified Minis, and that was the end of his sidevalve Ford owning days.
A modified Ford Popular 103E
If you have any memories of the 103E, or stories to tell about a Pop that you own now, by all means drop me a line!

A dusty Ford Popular awaiting restoration
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