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Wanted - old Ford.

Wanted, complete and original Ford 103E Popular (or similar), a car that needs some restoration/re-commissioning etc rather than a fully restored car. I'd also be interested to hear of any related Ford 8s or 10s (eg 7Y, 7W, E04A, E93A Prefect, E494A Anglia etc) that might be for sale, including the 5cwt E04C & E494C vans, and the slightly larger E83W (10cwt) vans and pickups. A non-running Pop car/van that has been laid up for years would be ideal, as I like a challenge. No restored or hot-rodded cars please.
My contact address is shown at the foot of this page, if you have - or know of - a dusty old Ford 8/10/Pop/Anglia/Model Y/Model C or Fordson/Thames van/pickup etc for sale, like the examples shown below, please drop me a line thanks.
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Ford 103E Pop wanted
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Dusty Ford Model Y
Ford E493A Prefect and a 103E Pop
Ford E83W pickup
Fordson Thames E494C 5cwt van
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