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Further reading relating to the Ford 103E.

All the sites listed below feature the 103E and/or the other sit-up-and-beg sidevalve Fords of the 1930s-1950s.
103E T-Shirts and other regalia
Mousemats, bags, shirts and other gift ideas featuring the classic Ford Pop.
Ford Sidevalve Owners Club
I've been in the FSOC on and off since 1991, worth considering if you run an old Pop and are looking for information on these cars.
Ford 8 & 10 Club (Victoria)
An Australian club for all the Ford 8s and 10s.
1953 Motor Show
Introducing many new cars including the back-to-basics Ford 103E.
Ford 8 & 10 Club (Queensland)
Another Australian club, catering for all the sidevalve Ford 8s and 10s.
Ford 8 & 10 Car Club (New Zealand)
Based in NZ, a club for fans of the 103E Pop and other sidevalve Fords.
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