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Ford 103e Interior Trim Pieces.

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This page on the 103E Ford site is for advertising interior trim pieces, for sale or wanted, but only if suitable for, or relating to, the 103e please. However adverts relating to the other upright 1172cc sidevalve Fords, but are also relevant to the 103E Pops, are also welcome.

If you have for sale, or want to buy 103e interior trim pieces, by all means place a free ad using the form below - remember - ads for 103es and the related 1172 sidevalve cars only. Return to the main 103e parts page here when you're finished. It costs nothing to place an ad here, so please place whatever ads you wish, and mention this to other 103e owners that you know of. November 2008 - Please note: to prevent issues with certain spammers, email contact details have now been removed, and for the timebeing only telephone numbers will be published.

Place your interior trim piece ad by filling out this simple form. Please double check your ad, then click 'Submit'.

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Existing 103e interior trim piece adverts:
(Please note, I do not recommend anyone send payment for any Interior trim pieces without seeing them, and the seller, in person to establish their credentials.)
Wanted : Rear window interior bakelite trim for 103e pop - contact 07519371130. (Kirkcaldy,fife,scotland) Placed 12/12/2008
For Sale : New headling - contact 01420 84153. (Hants) Placed 11/3/2010
For Sale : New headlining - contact 01420 84183. (Hants) Placed 11/3/2010
Wanted : Window winder for 103e thanks in advance - contact 07576718163. (Perth scotland ) Placed 10/5/2010
Wanted : Seat - contact 01904764079. (York) Placed 6/6/2010
Wanted : Door cards or template - contact 07515021100. (Worcestershire) Placed 22/7/2010
Wanted : Wanted full set of Bakelite window trims - contact 01909 500417. (Worksop, Notts ) Placed 3/12/2010
Wanted : Drivers side window winder mechanism - contact 01278 722344. (Bridgwater somerset) Placed 8/12/2010
Wanted : Rear seat for 103e condition imaterial - contact 01702 231244. (Essex) Placed 29/12/2010
Wanted : Wanted door cards and 2 front seats - contact 02841765324. (N.ireland) Placed 7/2/2011
Wanted : Passenger side Window Winder Mechanism - contact 02089241047. (Dagenham, Essex) Placed 13/5/2011
For Sale : All trim bits window Channel, w/strip and door seals - contact 02089504694. (Bushey/ Watford) Placed 13/1/2013
Wanted : Front and rear interior bakelite Driver side (right hand side) trim for ford 103e - contact 356 79708577. (Malta Europe) Placed 11/2/2014
Wanted : Indicator switch for 1956 Ford Popular 103E - contact 07715525696. (Inverness) Placed 21/5/2014
Wanted : Passenger front window Bakelite trim for ford pop 103e 1955 - contact 01263715509. (Norfolk) Placed 28/5/2014
For Sale : ViByIBatcfdnw - contact -. (New York) Placed 5/10/2014
For Sale : FORD POP BAKERLIGHT WINDOW TRIMS 150.00 - contact 07702002131. (LUTON BEDS) Placed 14/6/2016
Wanted : WANTED Bakelite window soround side rear - contact 07981028448. (ESSEX) Placed 1/2/2017
Wanted : Rear side window trim - contact 07981028448. (Essex) Placed 24/2/2017
Wanted : Window mechanism wanted for 103E Ford Pop, both sides. - contact 07715042404. (East Lancashire) Placed 20/6/2017
Wanted : Front and rear bakerlite windowand door trims. - contact 01933311331. (Northamptonshire) Placed 18/8/2017
Wanted : Rear seat and back in red - contact 07966512787. (Mid wales) Placed 29/11/2017
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